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Contact: Jay Abernethy
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Wanted.... Horses and Staff vacancies
Sometimes  we need more.... so here is where to look   
Horses Wanted

I have a few clients looking to lease trotters anything considered prefer low in grades with a right of purchase.
Please contact


We currently have vacancies for Breaking In/Pre Training & Race Horse Training please contact

Overseas Working Holiday’s?

If you wish to come over for a working holiday (summer in New Zealand) we maybe interested in helping you out please reply to
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About Us
Abernethy Racing Stables is divided into 21 paddocks all with horse shelters in them as well as two barns capable of holding 19 horses.  The farm is in close proximity to Ardmore airport.
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 09 215 8837
 021 797 242
 2395 Hunua Road, Hunua 2583
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