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About Jay
Jay's Background
Racing has been in my blood since I started going and watching them as a 10 year old. My first real experience of driving was when I was 13 with my first workout drive which I ended up winning. Ever since than I have been hooked on horse racing and driving.

In my first year of race driving I was successful at winning 3 races and since then I have just progressed to the stage where I have now won 186 races and have been placed in a further 353. Earning stakes for the horses owners of over $1.393 million. Since I have held my public trainers licence I have trained 19 winners and 34 place getters from 176 starters with earnings to date totalling over $157K.

Some of my driving highlights have been the winning of the North Island Junior Drivers Award in 2004/05 and again 2005/06. In 2006 I was successful in winning the Australasian Young Drivers Championship, which to this day still rates as the memorable highlight of my driving career.

With the passing away of my grandfather in early 2007 I took over the training business of the horses at our stables under my own name. The training business has continued to grow with more horses of our own as well as taking in horses to train for other owners.

My current sponsor is: Tax Link Bay of Plenty

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To see my training and driving statistics to date.
Wayne’s Background

Racing has been in Wayne’s blood since his Father Kevin got involved and built his house on the farm.

Wayne has owned shares in horses that have recorded more than 50 wins.

Wayne, Jay and the Late Kevin Abernethy formed the racing partnership in 2001 but since the passing of Kevin Abernethy, Jay and Wayne are now the sole owners of Abernethy Racing Stables and have raced over half of the starters from the Abernethy Racing Stables.

Wayne spends allot of his time on the maintenance of the farm and has built most of the stables/shelters gardens / hydro Treadmill / Joggers Harrows etc.

Wayne also is the Managing Director of Abernethy Contractors Ltd a Roading Drainage contracting company which employs over 40 staff. Allot of his time is taken up running this company but he enjoys helping out in the stables before and after work as well as most weekends. In his spare time he likes to go fishing.
Abernethy Racing Sables Background

Abernethy Racing Stables was started by Kevin Abernethy who passed away December 07.

The first horse he owned was Soky’s Belle who won 6 races before becoming the grand broodmare who is now the foundation mare of Abernethy Racing Stables. She has produced over 10 winners which are still breeding and winning.

In 2000 a partnership was formed between Jay, Wayne and Kevin which was very successful. With the passing of Kevin in December 2007 Wayne and Jay have taking over and continues that way today.

Jay and Wayne have had considerable success with owning, training and driving their own horses, and intend to continue this way as well as increasing their stables by becoming public trainers. We have been fortunate to get some very good owners which we are very thankful to have. We have just entered the breeding-to-sell world and will have our first sales draft go through the sale ring in February 2010.
We will continue to sell a few horses each year, as we now have too many broodmares and have decided you can’t keep them all.

Abernethy Racing Stables is pleased with the facilities they have and will keep on improving it as much as they can as years go on.

Jays Profile

Lifetime Training Wins (to 31/7/21): 208
Lifetime Driving Wins (to 31/7/21): 527
Sponsor: Tax Link Taxation Specialists
Website: www.abernethyracingstables.co.nz
How long have you been involved in Harness Racing? Since 2000
Who was your first training winner? Waipipi Express
Who was your first driving winner? Campus
What do you do to relax away from Harness Racing? Socialising
Is there a horse you've been involved with that you rated highly that the public didn't get to see the best of? Riverboat King, Gotta Go Cullect
Who has been the biggest influence on your career in Harness Racing? My family, they got me started in Harness Racing
What is the best thing to happen to Harness Racing in New Zealand in recent years? Increased stakes and 3YO concessions
What has been your worst moment in Harness Racing? Being suspended for four weeks in Australia
What has been your best moment in Harness Racing? Winning the 2006 Australasian Junior Drivers Championship
What is/was the best standardbred to ever race in New Zealand? Christian Cullen
What's the one piece of gear you've found most useful in your time in Harness Racing? Pull Down Blinds
What is your favourite TV Show? Two and a Half Men/Big Bang Theory
Who is your favourite singer/band? Elemeno P
Rugby or Rugby League? Rugby
Ocean or Mountains? Ocean
Beer or Wine? Beer
Describe yourself in one word: Dedicated
Where does your job satisfaction come from? Winning races for good people
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Abernethy Racing Stables is divided into 21 paddocks all with horse shelters in them as well as two barns capable of holding 19 horses.  The farm is in close proximity to Ardmore airport.
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