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Facilities and Farm
Training, Farm Facilities and Service Providers
Hunua Farm

We have recently moved to our new base at 2393 Hunua Rd we have 70 Acres.

  • 1000m All Weather Training Track (Shell based)
  • 1000m Straight Line Fast work track for Heat Work (Shell & Sand Based)
  • Indoor Hydro Treadmill
  • Sand Roll
  • 6 Horse Truck (1997 Nissan Diesel)
  • Jogger Machine X 2
  • Horse Safe Paddocks
  • 10 Large Walk-in Walk-out Sand Yards
  • Colt Paddocks
  • Weighing machine
  • large car and truck parking area
  • River to walk / Swim Horses in
  • 8 Horse Walker

We are able to do most of our training at home yet we are only a short drive to Auckland or Pukekohe so have easy access to Races, Trails and Workouts.

Professional and efficient staff, who has many years of experience with horses, are all committed to the racing team help me with the running of the facilities and offer riding training as an alternative to "being in the cart" everyday.

Some of the Service providers and special equipment we use for horse treatment include:

Blacksmith (Fraser Krik) Fraser Shoes 70% of my stables horses. He has been around horses his life being a Trainer/Driver in the early days. He also does shoeing work for most of the big stables in the Auckland region.

(Les Dwyer) Les and his team came on board early 2017 to help out with the young ones and the old racehorse.

Dentist (Randal Coleman) Randal has been doing our horses teeth ever since my grandfather started training horses. He does most of the big galloping stables around Auckland

Auckland Veterinary Centre. www.aucklandvets.co.nz
We have used Auckland Vets for the last 5 to 10 years. Most of our vet work is done by (Catherine Pemberton BVSc) – a graduate from Massey University in 1992, Catherine joined Auckland Veterinary Centre in 2007 after 15 years of mixed and equine practice in Kumeu and the UK.  In her spare time she assists her brother in training of standardbreds.

Heart Rate Machine
We use a wireless machine that measures the heart rate, speed, distance, along with other things to help improve a horse’s performance by planning, monitoring and analysing its training data. You are able to measure and record not only heart rate but also altitude and speed what gives you a lot of information to analyse. While comparing your horse's heart rate with differences in altitude and speed you get a better understanding of the horse's workload in training. All this information helps you to tailor an individual training program for your horse.

Massage Machine
The machine is used as an adjunct to massage therapy and helps with mobility, improves circulation, loosens muscles and maximises performance.

This massage machine is used to help
  • Sore or cold back
  • Sore shins
  • Swollen knees
  • Foot problems
  • Joint and tendon problems
  • Muscle and jarred shoulder problems
  • Pre and post exercise stiffness
  • Pulled ligaments
  • Lymphatic and swelling problems
  • Haematomas
  • Abscesses
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About Us
Abernethy Racing Stables is divided into 21 paddocks all with horse shelters in them as well as two barns capable of holding 19 horses.  The farm is in close proximity to Ardmore airport.
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 09 215 8837
 021 797 242
 2395 Hunua Road, Hunua 2583
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